Jul 30 2012

Review: Raks al Assaya DVD by Virginia of Miami

Raks Al Asaya has been sitting on my shelf for a bit, and I’m sorry that I hadn’t gotten to it sooner! This DVD by Virginia of Miami is a wonderful resource for more cane. The instructions, both visual and verbal, are very clear. The material was easy for me to follow along from the get-go, but I should note that I’ve had a fair amount of cane instructional in person by several different instructors. However, I think a beginner to cane could get some useful information and ideas from this DVD. For someone with more cane experience, while the material may not be particularly new, I thought the DVD was fun and I enjoy seeing how someone else pieces things together or gives explanations.

Because I recently reviewed the Nourhan Sharif cane DVD, I thought of Virginia’s DVD as a nice complementary DVD to work with. Nourhan goes over a lot of technique. Virginia does explain technique, but she also has combinations and a choreography, which is nice to see how everything works together. The choreography is simple enough for a beginner but is very cute and fun.


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